Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Spring is creeping up on us!

This time of the year is soo exciting to me, a brand new gardener. I can see sings of spring popping up all over the garden and it just blows my mind, seeing all these little things waking up from their winter sleep.
The little patch in front of my house is full of things planted by the previous owners and I keep getting one surprise after another. The other day I discovered the oddest-looking furry little plant, which my Mum identified as lungwort. I've read up on it and it seems to have a lot of wonderful properties, so I'm all excited about trying lungwort tea some time this year! 
There are different flowers popping up here & there and I can only guess what they are. My edibles are doing ok - there are loads of tiny buds on my Japanese quinces; my garlic and onions are still looking strong and my rhubarb is definitely growing. These days I'm in the garden at least once a day, marvelling at all the changes!

I don't know what this plant is, but looks like it's going to have yellow flowers very soon.

Heather is looking absolutely beautiful.

Daffodils have grown so much over the past couple of weeks!

I will definitely have some rhubarb this year :-)

The sage is thriving - I've harvested quite a bit over the winter months but it's still producing new leaves.
Garlic seems to be doing alright.

Lungwort - isn't it the most peculiar looking plant?

I think these are crocuses but I wouldn't bet my life on it...

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