Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The last garden update for this year (probably)

We recently had fairly good, dry weather here for almost 2 weeks, which allowed us to do a bit of last-minute work in the garden, but it seems like that's it for the year. It's been pouring down for several days, which is annoying as I still haven't planted my garlic - it's not been delivered yet!

Nevertheless, I realised the other day that I have already planted so much more in the garden than I had planned when we first moved in. The plan was only to plant an apple tree, but it didn't stop there.

Majority of the things I've planted are perennials. I have:

- apple tree
- red currant
- white currant
- Japanese quince (pink)
- Japanese quince (red)
- aronia
- Jerusalem artichoke
- hardy kiwi
- goji berry
- onions (early variety)
- garlic (still on its way!)
- rhubarb
- mint
- bay tree
- sage
- rosemary
- oregano
- marjoram
- lavender

There are a few plants in the garden that had been left by the previous owners - four conifers, a small tree that looks to me like it could be a cherry (we'll find out next year!), some heathers, a potted chrysanthemum and a few shrubs I've not identified yet.

I recently discovered, and started reading on, permaculture. I absolutely love this concept of gardening that respects and mimics the ways nature works and feel that this is something I want to try. Having only a small garden I won't be able to make full use of my newly-acquired knowledge, but I will try to do the best I can with the space and resources I have. It should be very exciting! :-)


  1. You've done brilliantly with your planting. I do love an edible garden :-)

    My garlic isn't in yet either, I think I went a bit overboard last year, we have lots in the kitchen, a huge string on the back of the door and half a mixing bowl full of loose heads that I am slowly working my way through. If I do plant some for next year it will be a lot less than last, and of course I will most likely just plant some of our cloves rather than buying any.

    I love your photos, especially that top one :-)

    1. I can't wait to have my own veggies - I love the idea of a string of home-grown garlic hanging in the kitchen :-) If I have a decent crop next year I will definitely save some for seeds rather than buying...
      Thank you, that branch in the top photo is the tree that I think (and hope!) is a cherry tree - we shall find out next year...

  2. for some reason, my garlic was small this year.