Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Edinburgh Christmas

Last Sunday we went to Edinburgh to join my colleagues at a Christmas event at one of the local hotels. It was good fun and amazing food, and afterwards we went to see this year's Edinburgh Christmas Market. It seems to get bigger every year - I remember when it was just a handful of stalls a decade ago, but now it takes up almost all of Princes Gardens. And it seems to start a bit earlier every year, too!

It was huge, colourful and mobbed. I love Christmas markets; despite the crowds and everything being ridiculously overpriced I can't help but feel the magic :-) We didn't buy anything except a portion of churros, but we had a really good time and admired a lot of the items on sale, rides for kids and deliciously smelling foods. It was good! 

Edinburgh looks amazing this time of year, all decked out for Christmas. I normally only commute there for work, so it was really nice to actually have time to walk around rather than rush to the train station. While on one hand I'm against the commercialisation of Christmas, on the other hand I really can't help but get excited about it several weeks ahead. The excitement builds up and then culminates on Christmas Eve - it brightens up the cold, dark winter months in a way nothing else does and I just love it.

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