Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Christmas preparations: decking the halls!

Our home is now pretty much decorated for Christmas. I like keeping things simple so there isn't too much of it, but that's how I prefer it. We got the tree last week and I have spent a few evenings making decorations - most things you can see here are home made. The wreath on our front door is made out of twigs I brought from the forest, pine cones and ivy from the garden. Most ornaments on the tree are hand made as well; this year I produced a number of clay decorations in all sorts of shapes and colours. I also have a lovely collection of ribbon and sequin baubles made by my Granny as well as crocheted snowflakes made by my friend's mum. Some of those snowflakes are also adorning our dining room windows :-) 

Snowflakes on the window. The cats love taking them down!

Table decoration

Dining table

Table decoration

Simple decoration made out of baker's twine and rubber Santa's boots

Leftover twigs and baubles in a jug, accompanied by a bowl of scented pine cones

A very simple decoration - pine cones and ribbon

And some of my Christmas tree ornaments:


  1. The decorations are simple but very effective

  2. I love a home made christmas, it's a lot of work sometimes, but satisfying and natural :)

  3. It all looks lovely, hope you had a lovely christmas and a good new year when it comes