Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Christmas presents and cooking with Outlander

Santa was very good to me this Christmas, I got a tonne of books! As a fan of the Outlander TV series,  I was very pleased to discover the entire collection of the books it's based on, as well as a beautiful cook book featuring many of the dishes mentioned throughout the story. It's full of photos, excerpts from Outlander and recipes that I know I am definitely going to try. I have already made two things from the book: oat & honey bread (and rolls) and bridies.

The bread recipe yielded 6 rolls and 1 small loaf of bread. They came out really nice, soft, slightly sweet and full of oaty goodness. Great with cheese and pickle! I will definitely be making them again soon!

The bridies (filled pastries) were surprisingly simple to make. This recipe is supposed to make 8 six-inch bridies: 4 vegetarian and 4 filled with beef. I managed to get 12 and was still left with a huge amount of the veggie filling (enough for at least another 4!) but ran out of pastry. I think I will make them again as they were utterly delicious, hot or cold, but I will adjust the quantities of ingredients.


  1. Fantastic, I got the same book, yet to have time to use it, love the series and so glad they have followed the amazing books so closely :)

  2. both turned out beautiful,, I would love that cookery book,, that's one of my favorite television programs!