Tuesday, 6 September 2016


September is one of my favourite months. End of the summer season to me means a considerably quieter time at work and more time for me and my family. It's also the beginning of mushroom foraging season and (once I get my garden all sorted) the time of bountiful fruit & veg harvest.

I finally found time to join my little local library and borrow some books to read in the evenings with a nice cup of herbal tea. I bought supplies for a reasonably inexpensive make-over of my utility room and am hoping to find the time to get on with it this month. I spend a little more time now planning my fortnightly dinner menus and try to incorporate at least 1-2 new recipes every week - large proportion of those have recently been vegetarian meals which has been a lovely change.

I have also started planning my Christmas expenses for this year and looking at presents to buy. I don't like leaving these things to the last minute. I have enough time for long aromatherapeutic baths, writing long emails to family and friends and catching up with things. 

September is a beautiful threshold between summer and autumn. Soon the green leaves on the trees outside my window will turn golden, I really love that time of year. Everything about autumn to me means coziness - the chunky scarves and jumpers, the spicy, warming food, even the gray, cold rainy days, as they make me appreciate the moment when I can snuggle up in a blanket and read. 

I think I will be posting quite a few recipes here over the coming months. I currently have a few new ones on the menu which I will definitely want to share if they turn out as nice as I hope.

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