Thursday, 29 September 2016

Hebridean chicken - two ways

Most people (in Scotland anyway) have heard of a dish called Chicken Balmoral, which is chicken breast stuffed with haggis. But I hadn't heard of Hebridean Chicken until I met my S. He talked about it for years and finally made it last week. It was delicious!

He allowed me to take photos as he was cooking - it's more putting 3 things together rather than a precise recipe, but it was so tasty I really wanted to share it.

Hebridean chicken is very similar to Balmoral chicken in that it's chicken breast stuffed with haggis, but the difference is that Hebridean chicken is also wrapped in smoked bacon. I don't eat bacon, so S made it two ways and wrapped mine in smoked salmon.

The ingredients are: 1 chicken breast per person, 1 handful of haggis per person, and enough slices of smoked bacon/salmon to wrap the whole breast. That's it.

I think that if haggis isn't available, black pudding might be a good substitute. 

Take the chicken breasts and slice them open
Like so.
Next, take a handful of haggis and roll it into a sausage.
Stuff the chicken with the haggis sausage
And wrap the whole thing in slices of smoked bacon

Or smoked salmon

Hebridean chicken two ways!

Next, wrap each breast in tinfoil and place on a baking tray.

This is then baked in a preheated oven in 200°C for a minimum of 30min. Serve with mashed potatoes, peppercorn sauce and peas. I think whisky sauce would also go well with this dish.

The chicken comes out incredibly juicy; the smoked bacon/salmon gives it amazing smokiness, and the haggis acts as flavouring; no spices required. The whole combination is just delightful!


  1. this is SO interesting. i think it will be very good depending on how good the haggis is. i love haggis but there is some bad haggis out there.

  2. We used Halls haggis, but any haggis that comes in real sheep's stomach should be good. Macsween is a good brand too.